Looking for ways to get a complete beauty makeover for free?

Everyone loves makeovers. But as we all know makeovers can cost you more than anything. Although there are plenty of things that you can use for your skincare routine.

A makeover is a thing you can do by yourself with a bit of practice and some makeup essentials. But for better results, you should visit a professional who can improve your looks.

Women do not look back when it comes to spending money to look good. They spend quite a lot on parlors, cosmetics, and buying skincare and haircare products which are also good for a healthy lifestyle. And maybe that’s the reason why a lot of makeover shows getting popular all these years.

If you like to have a makeover by yourself then it may cost lite because you don’t need to buy new beauty products from the market. You can figure out your essentials and you are good to go.

But is there such a thing as a free makeover? Let’s check out how to get a complete makeover for free.

You can visit websites that feature free beauty makeovers. Such as,


Sephora is a beauty retailer that sells products like makeup, skincare, haircare, and fragrances. They offer many different brands of products that are tailored to different skin types and preferences.

The Sephora Collection has makeup and skincare items that are meant to be more natural. The store is well organized with a wide variety of products. They also offer makeovers and beauty classes.

If you visit the Sephora store in person you can free makeover for 15 to 20 minutes even if you don’t buy any product and you don’t need an appointment for that.

You can also get free makeup and skincare samples on your every purchase at Sephora. Using Sephora Coupons you can get discounts and more offers on Sephora beauty products.


Nordstrom is a store for high-end shoppers. Their beauty department offers a wide variety of products and brands. It is not just a place to shop for makeup and hair products, Nordstrom has a whole section dedicated to skincare and body care. If you are looking for the best beauty products, Nordstrom is the place to go.

Nordstrom store provides beauty services paired with beauty stylists. You can also check out the list of complimentary beauty services before check out the store. At Nordstrom, many brands offer mini beauty treatments for free. You can also request help from Nordstrom Beauty Stylist to find the perfect products as per your need.


Bloomingdale’s Beauty Store is heaven for beauty enthusiasts. The selection of products on offer is extensive, and the store’s staff are experts in their field. It’s easy to spend hours browsing the aisles, as there are so many wonderful products to explore.

You can also book an appointment at Bloomingdale’s for skincare consultations of 30-minute to one-hour. Also, you can use Bloomingdale’s coupons to get more discounts on your shopping products.


Nykaa is one of the largest online beauty destinations for both men and women. It is an online beauty store that sells products from all over the world. They also have many different price ranges for their products, so you can find something for every budget.

You can choose your favorites from different brands of products. Also, you can get discounts on your fashion, beauty, or skincare products using Nykaa Coupons. Grab Nykaa Exclusive Offers on skincare and beauty products.

Visit Beauty Schools

The best way to get a complete makeover is to visit your nearest beauty school. Students at beauty schools always need a model for their exams or practice and you can take advantage of this. You can get a free makeover at beauty school and also get free gifts.

Get Free Makeover Online

One of the best ways to get a complete makeover for free is by yourself. Yes, it is possible for anyone to get the complete makeover all by themselves.

There are so many beauty experts and other beauticians who regularly upload videos about makeovers, beauty, and skincare routines. You can simply search on your social media or youtube about makeovers and you will get details about products and processes within minutes.

Now you don’t need to spend a lot of money on makeovers or visit parlors regularly. Also, there are a lot of websites that suggest the perfect products for your skin type and offer free beauty samples so you can get done with your makeover easily. You can also use Tips To Save Money On Beauty Products.

These are some ways to get a complete makeover for free. We hope this article helped you to know more about how to get a complete makeover for free. Let us know if you enjoy the article in the comment section.