Dealing with an old mobile phone is not an easy task ever. This actually involves a lot more hassle be it in terms of using old phone or even for selling old (Used) Phone.

Mobile phone is must needed gadget, now a day. you can’t even afford to live without a phone as almost all of your activities are possible with mobile phone

The dark side of this much-needed gadget is, it’s costlier and it’s not for long life. Due to some reason, mobile phone life is a short span.

When it comes to repairs or any fault with same, then it’s a frustrating job ever.

At this stage, everyone wants to sell old phone and buy a new one, but it’s not that easy, as getting the best price in the market, getting the buyer and also receiving instant cash and so many hurdles are there.

Now No worries,

There are some companies which come to rescue and provide hassle-free services to deal with a used smartphone.

Simple tricks to deal with your old phone.

Cashify is dominated service provider in this space, which allows you to get an instant quote for your old smartphone. So you can get an idea about real-time value for your phone.

They provide you with the best price in the market always. With no extra hidden cost.

These Platforms understand your convenience very well.  so they use their technology to provide you with one stop solution to deal with your used mobile phone.


Cashify provides you repair, screen replacement or even sale at a single platform. Also, they arrange a pick up at your doorstep. You never need to go out to service your phone.

Lastly, if you wish to sell your phone then this is the best place ever. You can easily sell your phone in just 60 sec. believe it or not, they arrange instant cash at your doorstep.

So with cashify, you can have a lot more benefits like Best price, free pickup and instant cash payment.

Once you have cash for your old phone, you are free to buy a new one!

How to sell used mobile Phones?


Have a look.

Again, Be in Budget! Buy Refurbished Phones


Yaantra always deals in all segments of the refurbished market they have categorized their work to Refurbished, Unboxed and Pre- Owned.

When you are running with a low budget in your pocket for buying a phone, don’t wait to go with Yaantra.


Yaantra has expertise in the tech domain to supervise your phone before reaching you. Their intention is to provide the best product for your value.

They Provide Top Notch service for dealing with used phones. For their client, they provide a customized methodology and customer-centric approach.

Most importantly  Yaantra provides 7 days replacement policy with a secure payment gateway for buying a used mobile phone.


 By the way, all deals with your old phone using coupons will always add you more benefits.