Things You Should Know If You Are Web Designer

Web design is the process of creating ideas and implementing them with the appropriate layout.

It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, graphic design, and content production.

Web design has several elements like Layout, Color, Graphics, Font, Content, etc.

Web design should be user-friendly and interactive. It should have proper navigation, Multimedia, Compatibility, and Technology.


Factors to became a successful web designer :


 Design sense

 Graphics design software


 User Experience Design

 Mobile responsive design

 Design with a business goal in mind





If you want to be a web designer then you must know HTML language.

HTML is the Framework of web pages. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

It is the basic language every designer should learn. HTML is the language used to put content on a web page. Content like Text, Photos, Videos, and Graphics.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is the partner of HTML. CSS helps to make a web page look attractive.

It tells the browser how to format and style HTML for a web page.

With CSS you can adjust the colors, fonts, layouts, background and much more.




Design Sense :

It’s obvious that you need a powerful and unique design sense to be a successful web designer.

A web designer must be knowledgeable about basic design principles.

Having a good knowledge of color combination, typography, elements of design, layout principles, how to use images and more makes you a successful web designer.


Graphics Design Softwares :

Graphics design software is the best friend of web designers.

To make designs, you must familiar with this software. Firstly you need to learn this software because it contains lots of tools and features.

To make designs beautiful there are many graphics design software available.


Some best are listed below :



Observation :

Keen observation is the key to learn web design fast and quick. Good color combination, layout, typography attract users.

It helps to gain good knowledge about design and discover the latest trends.

Observing websites and outdoor flex or banner designs gives you more ideas to make something new and unique.

So keep observing keep learning.


User Experience Design :

User Experience is the major factor to engage the user. It is the process of creating a product that provides meaningful and relevant experience to users.

Text, Images, buttons must be in the proper line.

Call to action is the most important factor in UX design.

A good call to action makes the process easy.


Mobile Responsive design :

The number of mobile device users around the world has grown to 5.035 billion.

The website is responsive means the layout and content respond based on screen sizes.

Typically there are four screen sizes large desktop, small desktop, tablet, and mobile.

So mobile responsiveness is the need of today’s world.




Web Design with a business goal in mind :

The design of a website is the key to helping to grow business. Without business goals in mind, your website is waste because you have no basis where to start or what path to take.

With business goals, you can design a website in which users will easily understand what your product is.

So before you start work on your website, set achievable business goals.

But how to do you simplify these design processes?

  • Make your goal specific
  • Ensure you can measure your progress
  • Set a time to achieve each of your goals
  • Make it possible to achieve your goals





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