Finally monsoon has arrived in India. Safe drinking water is a basic need of human being. But unclean drinking water is the main culprit for ill health in India and other developing countries. There is  a increase incidence of water borne and food borne diseases during monsoon. So we can prevent more than 50% of the diseases if we succeed in providing safe in our society.


Lets see how we can do that :

commonly waterborne disease are diarrhea typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery,  hepatitis,  etc.


 Good personal hygiene
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wash hands after using the toilet and handling animals (dogs, cats) contact with animal’s
    quarters, cleaning up animal faces.




 Use good environmental management
  • Clean surrounding area using hot water detergent.


 Take food safely
  • Wash or peat raw vegetables and fruits fare eating.
  • Do not eat unhygienic food at street.


 Wash hands, kitchen work surfaces utensils after contact with raw meat or poultry


 Clean and sanitize all utensils, equipment surfaces before and after each use




 Avoid preparing food for others while you have symptoms for 48 hrs after you recover


 Drink safe water purified water
  • Do not drink untreated water from lakes, ponds or shallow wells.
  • Do not drink tap water while travelling to a high risk destination unless the water source
    been property treated.
  • Drink boiled water only.
  • There are many water purifiers in the market that you can opt for starting from RO to UV.
    Because UV water purifier can remove bacteria, viruses from the water.