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Awareness About Water Borne & Food Borne Disease.

  Finally monsoon has arrived in India. Safe drinking water is a basic need of human being. But unclean drinking water is the main culprit for ill health in India and other developing countries. There is  a increase incidence of water borne and food borne diseases during monsoon. So we can prevent more than 50% …


World Ocean Day- 8 June: Wave For Change

Every year on 8 June, people on the planet celebrate “The World Ocean Day” with honour of the great Oceans. So come together today with your friends, family and community to celebrate World Ocean Day. Oceans are the Lifeblood of Earth. It doesn’t matter where we live either inland or coastal zone; we all are …


Things To Do In Monsoon

1) Take A Rain Shower : Cheers Its ‘MONSOON’ time ! Be a kid, go outside and let the rain kiss you.   2) Enjoy tea pakoda at roadside : Eating roadside piping hot pakoda’s and tea with friends during rainy days is like heaven. Go and Enjoy !   3) Set Out for Long …