Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads- Newly Lauched Sanitary Napkins

Newly Launched Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads!

Clovia has just launched the new sanitary pads to their collection! Yes, you heard it right. Considering the women’s skin issues during a monthly time, Clovia has launched Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads! These sanitary pads claim to give a rash free period days.

Clovia is the ultimate store for women’s intimate wear. It always gives the best options for women’s lingerie. Be it bra, panties, nightwear or shapewear. Clovia always stands best in its collection. It has one of the comfortable collection which every woman loves and recommend to others!

Menstruation is a very important part of women’s life. And Clovia understands the feminine needs during periods. So they have brought in the market sanitary napkins. Which helps school girls, college girl or working women to be confident on there work.

Pad rashes are the main problem women suffer through. In India, there are many brands that offer sanitary pads like Whisper, Stayfree, Sofy, etc. But this Clovia’s rash free period sanitary napkin gives you the best experience at affordable prices.

Clovia gal pal ultra-thin sanitary pads are best for heavy flow. Because it has a wider back and super dry technology. So you can be tension free in day or night.




Why This?

  • No rashes
  • The soft cotton-feel top layer
  • Super absorbent for day & night usage
  • Leakproof


Clovia Gal Pal Sanitary Pads Price List:



Sanitary NapkinPrice List
Pack of 10 Gal Pal Sanitary Pads – XL For Heavy FlowRs.126
Pack of 10 Gal Pal Sanitary Pads – XXL For Extra Heavy FlowRs.161
Pack of 20 Gal Pal Sanitary Pads – XL For Heavy FlowRs.176
Pack of 20 Gal Pal Sanitary Pads – XXL For Extra Heavy FlowRs.257

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Before going to any conclusion you must check the reviews for gal pal sanitary pads. Here in the video, you will come to know what is extra special in these napkins. And why every woman should have these in their bag.

Watch now!



If you are roaming at the Clovia platform, you must check the best lingerie options available for you. For that, you should know their usefulness.

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